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Free Dental Monitoring

When you Start an Invisalign treatment plan in November

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What if visiting your orthodontist was as easy as taking a selfie? Well, with our virtual visit technology, it is. And we’re offering our new patients this feature - at no cost to you - when you start your Invisalign treatments in November.

Date: 1st-  30st November 2019

Location: Level 5, Suites 501-502, 425 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South, 3152

Dental monitoring

It’s Like Having an Orthodontic Visit in your Pocket

Using state-of-the-art technology to virtually map your teeth and track your progress, Dental Monitoring is the latest in orthodontic innovation. The best part? It lets you do your check-ups virtually.

  • Easy to set up - just download the Dental Monitoring app to your smartphone
  • Virtual visits are like taking a selfie, but without having to worry about your best angle - we’ll tell you exactly which photos we want to see and when
  • Stress-free scheduling - we’ll schedule the intervals of your check-ups out in advance and, when it’s time for your virtual visit, you’ll also get a reminder on your phone
  • Convenient assessments from your Specialist Orthodontist - we individually review every image you submit and will provide any needed adjustments to your treatment plan
  • Proactive monitoring - by seeing regular photos of your progress, we are able to make decisions quicker, potentially reducing your treatment time
  • Two-way communication - if you need to get in touch before your next visit, you can!
  • Private and secure - all your information is safe and confidential

Dental monitoring

Orthodontics for Busy Lives

Skip the drive, not your checkup! If a full calendar is keeping you or your child from getting Invisalign, you can change all that this November. Virtual visits and checkups fit into your life no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Just follow our directions in the app, snap a selfie and then get back to what you were doing!

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