Insignia technology

Tailor-made treatment plans for you

Insignia technology

At Knox City Orthodontics, we treat every one of our patient as an individual. That’s because they have individual treatment needs. No two sets of teeth are the same, which means no two orthodontic treatment plans are the same either.

Designing your treatment plan

Your treatment plan outlines the process your orthodontic treatment will take to achieve the smile you’re after. This is put together before treatment starts and at Knox City Orthodontics we use Insignia technology to do this.

Insignia is an interactive software system that allows us to design your treatment plan in minute detail. This is because we can optimise the scans we take of your teeth by 30 times, giving us a clear view of what is required.

How does Insignia work?

Using Insignia technology is a three-step process which takes about seven weeks.

  1. First we take a digital scan of your teeth which records every surface of your teeth. This enables us to put together an exact virtual replica of your teeth. We use this scan alongside digital photos and x-rays to create your treatment plan.
  2. We then use Insignia technology, alongside CADCAM wire and bracket manufacturing, to create braces suited just to your teeth.
  3. Once the braces have been made, they’re ready to be fitted, which is the third and final stage of the Insignia process. Your braces come in customised trays which means we can fit three or four teeth with brackets at a time-making for a faster appointment.

Benefits of Insignia

Technology has revolutionised the field of orthodontics and Insignia has played a big part in this. There are many benefits of this custom appliance system including:

  • Reduction in treatment time by 25-35%
  • Customised brackets and wire meaning a more efficient appliance
  • Better bracket placement which makes for more effective treatment
  • Shorter and fewer appointments
  • Great results

Book a free consultation with us today to find out more about Insignia technology’s advanced smile design and how it could get you greater results.

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