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What are Spark aligners?

Spark aligners are thin plastic trays that look a bit like sports mouthguards. They are custom-made for your smile with machine precision, and hand-trimmed for ultimate comfort. Because they are transparent, no one needs to know about your treatment!

One of the best things about Spark aligners is that they are removable. This means you won’t have to adjust your diet or schedule during treatment. You can simply remove your aligners for meals, activities, or social events - as long as you wear them the recommended 22 hours a day!

What are Spark aligners?
How do Spark aligners work?

How do Spark aligners work?

If you decide to start Spark treatment, we will use our cutting-edge 3D scanner to create a digital model of your smile. This model will be used to plan your Spark treatment from start to finish, and to design your custom aligners.

To progress through treatment, you will switch to a new set of aligners every couple weeks from the comfort of home. Each set is shaped slightly differently, so the gentle pressure can slowly guide your smile into proper alignment.

At Knox City Orthodontics, we even offer Dental Monitoring for our patients. This means you can check in with us remotely through an app on your smartphone - and skip the commute to our practice!

Benefits of Spark aligners

Our patients at Knox City Orthodontics love Spark aligners because they are:


Spark aligners are virtually invisible and stain-resistant, so your treatment can be our little secret.


You can take out your aligners for meals, meetings, and important events.


We can pair your treatment with Dental Monitoring for remote check-ins and fewer practice visits.


Spark aligners are custom-made for your exact smile, and with computer planning, we know what to expect from your treatment before we even begin.

Why choose Knox Orthodontics

Our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Baker, is one of the leading providers of Spark aligner treatment in Australia. As a Spark Foundation Member in Australia, Dr Baker has extensive experience in successful Spark treatments, you can trust him to beautifully transform your smile.

Of course, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in choosing to start treatment with us. That’s why we offer free consultations at our practice - so you can get answers to any questions or concerns you may have about treatment with Spark aligners.

Why choose Knox Orthodontics
The choice is clear!

The choice is clear!

Ready for a brand new smile? Book a free consultation with our talented team in Melbourne to find out if Spark aligners are right for you.

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