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Removable appliances

What is a removable appliance and is one right for my child?

There are two types of orthodontic treatments – braces which are fixed and removable appliances that can be taken out of the mouth. Removable appliances play an important role in treating children and are used to gently realign teeth and jaws. The appliances are generally used to correct the teeth in the upper jaw.

Great for correcting minor orthodontic problems

  • Removable appliances change and gently correct the growth of your child’s jaw so the jaw and surrounding muscles are properly positioned for optimal health and aesthetics
  • Removable appliances maintain the proper position of teeth after treatment with braces. Commonly called a retainer, they are usually worn for about one year to keep the teeth and jaws performing correctly and to retain the changes and benefits achieved from braces.
  • Removable appliances
  • Removable appliances
  • Removable appliances

Advantages of removable appliances

  • Inexpensive, easy on your budget
  • Easy to remove for eating and oral hygiene, occasional discomfort or a special event
  • Can (and should) be removed for sports

Custom-made, comfortable and easy to maintain and keep clean

An impression of your child’s mouth allows the dental lab to create a custom appliance that fits perfectly and is adjusted in your child’s mouth once it’s made.

When not being worn, the appliance is kept in a cup of cold water and away from heat so the shape isn't altered. The appliance should never be worn during contact sports and care should be taken when removing and inserting to avoid breaking. The appliance is easily kept clean with cold water, toothpaste and a toothbrush – simple and straightforward.

Is there any downside to a removable appliance?

Removable appliances might feel a little uncomfortable at first and can take some time to get used to. Though they are designed to help only minor orthodontic problems, as with any treatment, to achieve optimal benefit, it is essential for patients to follow exact treatment instructions – noticeable changes take significant time.

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