Metal braces

Think metal braces are chunky and old-fashioned? Think again! Metal braces have come a long way in recent times thanks to changes in orthodontic technology. This traditional form of orthodontic treatment is now a lot less obvious and a lot more comfortable.

Still the most affordable treatment option. Metal braces are still the most popular and most affordable orthodontic treatment option. 

We offer self-ligating metal braces. That means no rubber bands or ties! Self-ligating braces are smaller than older style braces and more aesthetically pleasing. They also eliminate the need for rubber or metal ties, making them much more comfortable. Self-ligating braces take less time for your orthodontist to adjust and require adjustment less frequently, making the entire process less time consuming and more comfortable overall. High tech and high quality, self-ligating braces are an excellent orthodontic solution for patients of any age. 

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Ceramic braces

Just like traditional metal braces but clear! Ceramic braces work in exactly the same way as metal braces but there is one significant difference and that’s in their appearance. Ceramic braces are made of a tooth-coloured material, making them more cosmetically pleasing.

Not as expensive as some other ‘invisible’ options. When it comes to orthodontic treatment that’s also cosmetically pleasing, ceramic braces are one of the most affordable options. 

Great for teenagers who are concerned about their appearance. Teenage patients are very familiar with orthodontic treatment. If your teenager isn’t yet receiving treatment, chances are their friends are. Some teenagers aren’t keen on the idea of metal brackets and wires so ceramic braces are a great option!

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  • Ceramic braces
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